Monday, April 23, 2012

Back from vacation...

I'm back from our vacation to Panama City, FL (actually have been for over a week)....I didn't want to come back.  It was amazingly gorgeous, and the perfect temperature.  It even did the decent thing and rained on the third day - just when we were sunburned and needed a day out of the sun.  Wasn't that sweet?  :D

Anyway, the day we got back my laptop died, and since it's not technically mine (I didn't steal it - it's provided to me free of charge by my employer) I had no say in the urgency with which the repair was handled ;)

SO, I have lots and lots of catching up to do, but will pace myself.  Tonight, I want to share the fruit of my 11 year old daughter Trinity's first sewing lesson.  It went well and she was terrific!  Here she is showing off the three travel Kleenex covers she made as a gift for her teachers
She was pretty proud, lol.  I'm gonna be back tomorrow with the really cool prize I won in the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop.   Cuz'  - ohhhh yeah - I am totally a winner,


  1. Been wondering where you were Lisa. Glad vacation was great.

  2. Yay Trinity! I love the zombie bunnies from the last post, too!