Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who DOESN'T love a zombie bunny???

How cool is this?  How can you not love zombie bunnies?

I have no idea what I might do with this, lol, but I couldn't stop myself from buying a quarter yard just because :)  What would you do??? (Edit: I found this on the sale table at Red Hen Fabrics, in Marietta GA...I'm sorry I don't know the name of it, but it wasn't on the selvedge and since it was my first stop I was rushing just a teeny tiny bit)

I bought a few other things on the Atlanta shop hop this weekend.  I really enjoyed the weekend - not only getting to shop at 10 different shops, but spending 2 days shopping with my 2 daughters - it was wonderful.  We found that about half of the shops just treated it like any other day, but the other half really put time and thought into it, which made it a lot of fun.  It really seemed to affect the attitude of the staff.  The ones that worked hard at making it seem like 'a day at the country fair' got the advantage of having a fun day, lots of laughter, and very satisfied customers.  The others?  Well, I did bring home fabric from every shop, hahaha.  Here is a little more of our haul..

some pretty blues and greens

a multi my daughter liked

A little good fortune...

And 4 more Wrenly prints to add to my pile :)  I got more, but will come back tomorrow or Thursday to talk about these and the rest of the fabric, too!  See you soon....


  1. Oh my. From which shop came the zombie bunnies? I only had time to hit Intown and I don't think I saw them there....Must get for Maiden of Honor with zombie issues.

  2. Looked like fun (in the fun places!) x

  3. Your zombie bunnies are from Jay McCarrol's "Garden Friends" (FreeSpirit Quilting Fabric) line. I have a few FQ's of it, too~ no idea what to do with it! But it's too fun to pass up~