Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh my gosh, look what I've gone and done...

Can you tell what it is?  And - possibly more importantly - what it's made out of?  Ignore the little lights.  I draped it over a string of fairy lights to photograph it, lol. 

If you guessed that I made a 1600 jelly roll quilt of of my vary favorite, Moda Swanky Jelly Roll....well, you would be right.  If you further guessed that my 11 year old daughter Tia insisted that THIS was the only type of quilt she wanted made out of that jelly roll, then you should get some sort of special genius prize.  Some insane person who looks remarkably like me promised her that she could pick the type of quilt she wanted made with that jelly roll.  It kind of killed me to just sew that all together slap dash like that.  But it's been a couple of weeks now and I'm coming to terms with it ;)  I bought some gorgeous aqua cuddle fabric for the back (it's like you skinned kittens to use on your quilt back, but without all the hoopla and PETA complaints)

Plus, I'm going on the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop this coming weekend (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! more about that next week!) and I'm going to tote that quilt top around with me (yes, yes, I'll iron it first) and find some kind of fabric to use in the borders and I'm thinking hard about what to do with those borders.  I'm thinking maybe some little pinwheels and maybe some prairie points out of solids that match the colors in the quilt.  What do you think?  Oh, by the way, the white squares only look like they are all lined up in this photo...in reality they are scattered all throughout the top.

 I've been working on all kinds of fun little things lately.  One of my favorite and - curiously - most challenging, was this cute patriotic star for my Stash Bee Queen Cindy (from Spin the Bobbin).  She is making her month's quilt for Quilts Of Valor.  Have you checked it out?  If not, click the link and take a look.  It's a wonderful organization that makes quilts to send soldiers that have been 'touched by war', wounds seen and unseen.
Here is a close-up.  I realized afterwards that this has sailors in it, and there might not be many sailors in the desert, (oops!)...but I don't think they'll hold it against me :)  I'd like to make a second block for her this week before I send it off, but I'm working up to it.  For some reason, this simple little paper -pieced block caught me ripping out seams several times.  Maybe my  mind was just wandering.

I've also started a new project (like I needed to do that, lol) making asterisk blocks from a tutorial here.  It's a Scrappy Asterisk block, and I liked the idea of having a little stack of white squares sitting next to my machine, and just grabbing one when I have a little time and making up one block in one color, until little by little I'll have a rainbow quilt of asterisks.  Here is a blue block, but it's just the inner part of the block, not finished yet.  I actually forgot that there is an outer part, hahahaha...so luckily I've only done two of these so far, and can easily make the outer part of the block with some of the same scraps then move on and remember to make both parts in the future.  I don't know why this pic looks fuzzy - it's clear on my camera.

I made 2 pencil pouches with some pretty linen (I love sewing with linen) and some blue/purple scraps.  I'll get (un-fuzzy) pics for next time, promise. 

Months ago I bought 10 yards of white fabric, and have finally seen the end of it...I haven't used it all up, but I realized while cutting these blocks that it's time to buy some more since it won't last much longer.  Lucky for me...did I mention that I'm going on the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop this coming weekend ;)??  I have a little mental list for things I want to watch for:
     1. Borders for the Swanky quilt
     2. Good quality white yardage
     3. More of the Wrenly line, but Valori Wells (I have12 FQ's, but want some of the other prints)
     4. Some yardage from the Flea Market Fancy line.  I ordered a FQ bundle of ALL 21 prints, and it came YESTERDAY !!!  My breath caught while I was typing that.  I'm not even kidding.  I'm a total goofball.  But I want a few of the prints in yardage for quilt backs.  I might also swing by JoAnne's to see if they have any DS prints that would do the trick for a little less.
     5. One spool of fancy thread.  I've only used Coat's and Clark up till now, and want to try some Aurifil or Sulky.
     6. A layer cake of something I like.  I haven't used one before.  

Now, I can't afford all that, so will get some and report back with photos after the weekend.  I'll also let you know if - as planned - I win the shop hop grand prize of ten different $100 GC's.  One for each shop on the hop.  I have every intention of winning that.  Hope your weekend is as fabulous as mine - see you soon!


  1. You certainly have been busy. Good luck with the shop hop!

  2. Holy cow! You are one busy lady! I can't wait to see your finished swanky quilt top!