Monday, March 12, 2012

ripping it out, sigh....

Okay, I'm working on the BeeJeebers block for March.  It's going to be so pretty.  And it's driving me nuts, because it's late and I shouldn't be doing this and making all these mistakes.

I finished my "grey goose" pillows.  I love love love them.  I even love the backs, lol.  And the zippers!  The quilting is kind of crappy amateurish but that's because I'm crap at free motion quilting an amateur. 

It's hard to tell, but I quilted more than just the spirals - I quilted the center star, too.  I'll try to get a better photo of it in the real, true daylight before I send it off to Asa.  Here are the other two pillows I made for him, with their backing fabric.

I quilted these with abstract sort of lines across the face of them.  I think it goes with the sort of oriental feel I was trying to give them.

Isn't the back pretty?  I actually got that fabric at (gasp!!) Walmart.  Back about 18 months ago they decided to get rid of the bolts of fabric they carried - then about a year ago they decided to get rid of their pre-cut fabrics that they'd replaced the yardage with, and went back to bolts of fabric, lol.  But during the sell-off of the pre-cuts, I spentt about $50 on over $500 worth of fabric.  Not designer obviously but I was pretty careful to get only soft, designer-feeling fabric along with some canvas yards for some projects.  This backing was one of the fabric pre-cut yards.

And this is the block I tried to design.  Is there already a block out there just like this, that any of you know about?  The color is off here (I'll get a better photo tomorrow) but it's actually a really nice combo of fabrics.  I screwed up the outer purple fabric and didn't have enough to make it right - so as a result I had to tweak the outer squares to make them fit right.  But I really wanted to get it made, to see it, so went ahead and finished it.  I'll make another that isn't screwed up.  And unfortunately I know it isn't modern - and the stimulus for coming up with a block was a challenge to create a modern block - so fail.  Still and all, it was fun.  Okay, I'm going back to my ripping out of BeeJeebers stitches now.  Thanks for the nice excuse to get away from it for a while ;)

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  1. I love your Geese in a Ring! They look fantastic!!! Actually all your projects look great!