Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've been busy this week!

But I won't be able to prove it to your with photos, I'm afraid. **Warning: this will be a photo-free post ;) I wanted to put better photos up than I did in my first 2 posts, so I dusted off my fancy Fuji and took some great photos of the projects I worked on this week. No crummy phone pics or yellowy iPad shots for my 3 followers, uh-uh, no way. And then I sat down last night to write this post and found out that those sneaky Fuji devils use a special cable to upload to the computer. One that I apparently did not treat with the respect it deserves. Because it has left me.

It looks like a mini USB cable. But it's about 3/4 of a nano-meter smaller than a mini USB. And no amount of shoving or squeezing or grinding of brassy looking metal on my part would make it fit. So I have a bunch or really pretty pictures, but you can't see them. Sorry. Quit crying.

The first picture I don't have is of the pretty neutrals/lights/creams/tans I broke down and bought at Hobby Lobby on Monday like I threatened to do. I'm so happy that I did! It was actually a little bit fun even though I had thought it would be boring. AND, it only cost me $2.62! Well, not counting the little seam ripper I picked up, too, because I drop mine constantly and I thought it would be nice to have a spare. But even that was only $1.20 extra because I flashed them my phone with its 40% off coupon. Yay! Not the most amazing deal eve, considering that it was $2.00 to start...but it was the only 'regularly priced item' in my very modest purchase. But back to those neutrals :) They were 30% off and I only bought an eighth yard of each of 5 different prints but it gave me enough to cut my 1.5" strips for the Fresh Squeezed Sew-Along over at I Have To Say... (click here to look at some other people's pictures of their blocks).

Even after sewing 3 of the blocks I have enough left over to pack them up with some of the colored scraps and mail them to my gorgeous niece Elizabeth, who is teaching herself how to sew. I've asked her if she'd like to do this sew-along with me this year, to practice a little. But she doesn't have much fabric of her own yet so I'm going to pass along the bits I don't use to help out. My 3 blocks came out much nicer than I had hoped for. They are supposed to be 3 mini quilts, but I never know what to do with mini-quilts. I just don't 'get' them. So I put a little sashing between them and sandwiched up a spring-y looking table runner. I've got it half quilted and will finish in the morning, then bind it tomorrow night once I decide what fabric to use.

I've also been working on SewCalGal's Free Motion Quilt Challenge so I decided to combine the two by quilting the sashing and edges of my table runner with the Leaf pattern that Frances Moore taught there for January's challenge. I had been trying to figure out what to do with each month's pattern - like a quilt, pot holders, something like that. But I've decided that since I'm doing all these other projects I don't have to nail it down now. There will be ample opportunity to practice! The timing for this one is perfect. I've been practicing on little mini quilt sandwiches
and feel like I'm about ready to tackle a "real" quilt.

But I've been saving the best for last. Yesterday a pretty, pretty package came from Sew Fresh Fabrics. It had a fat quarter of Michael Miller's Sunny Ta Dot, another fat quarter of a lovely blue with tiny white pin-dots, and - most important! - my yard of Kona White so I can start on my Tree of Life block(s) for January's Stash Bee. This one is from Sunni @ Love Affair with my Brother. I'm really excited about that one, and will find a way to post some sort of discolored photo of it by the end of the weekend.

I'm pretty sure no one will read this all the way to this point, but I'm glad I got to record what's been happening this week. The next post will have less words, more pics. Until then, I'll post youngest child, Gideon. First on a wild donkey ride - erhm, sit. Then as a bunny. How can you resist that face?? He turned 9 last week. My baby, sigh.

Be back soon!

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