Sunday, January 15, 2012


I got side-tracked today. I planned on putting the binding on my mini-quilts turned table runner. But then my husband decided that today was as good a day as any to put away the Christmas decorations. He is an amazing custom furniture builder (you can see his work at his Etsy shop, although it's mostly just little toys and stuff, and not the real furniture type work he mostly does). Anyway, for Christmas he made me a terrific bookcase where I can store my fabric and sewing stuff next to my sewing machine. So after we took the tree out and move the furniture back, I started sifting through the mountain of scraps and projects that have piled up on that table. And realized that I can't just transfer everything from one place to another - I need a better way to store my scraps. So a little Google magic brought me to this tutorial at Skip To My Lou

It's for simple fabric bins. I cut all the outside layers from tan canvas and added a stripe across what will be the front.

All together I cut 18 pieces - 6 canvas, 6 batting, and six linings...

I cut the linings from some fabrics that I don't like all that much, lol. I wanted the linings to match the color stripes on the outside so that no matter whether I look at the bins from the front or the top, I can tell what color scraps it's for. But I wasn't willing to use the best part of 6 of my prized fat quarters for this one project that pretty much only I will see :) It's hard to tell by my crummy iPad pics, but besides orange, purple, yellow and red there are a light blue and a light green (at the right). The hard part is done, though, now that all the cutting is done. All I have to do is piece them together tomorrow. I know I should have finished what I started first, but I couldn't resist. I think they'll be really cute.

Just a quick peek at the fabric strips I used for the table runner. First the greens...

Next the reds....

And finally the yellows!

Oh, and those bargain priced neutrals...they aren't quite as boring as I thought they would be, lol.

I'll post pics of all the finished projects tomorrow. With the same crummy camera. You've been warned.

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  1. Can't wait to see a photo of your finished baskets! These will be adorable! Took a quick peek at your husband's work and love those little cars!