Monday, January 16, 2012

Quick note -

Not sure why I want to write this quick note - no one will read it, lol. But that's okay. Even if I'm the only one that sees it, I'm still excited to tell me about what I did today! I made those little fabric scrap bins and they are ADORABLE!!! They look so stinking cute sitting in a little rainbow row on the 2nd shelf from the top. I don't have a photo yet, but will post one tomorrow if I can, just to remember it. I didn't get any of the fabric moved out of the bedroom onto the shelves yet, but I did get my sewing table cleared off and and all the scraps in their little color-coded baskets. Oh my God...did I tell you they were cute????

I still didn't do the binding on the table runner. I can't think of what color to use. I sort of want to use this black with all these rainbow blips of colors, but don't know it that will ruin the kind of 'springish' feel it has going on now. Maybe I'll get a pic of it and post it to the Fresh Squeezed Flickr group, and see what they have to say?

Nothing else to talk about today, really....lazy Sunday, lots of sewing, tiny bit of cleaning...oh, and I got attacked by our Rooster. Kind of scared the hooey out of me. Those little suckers do NOT back down. He charged me and I kicked him, and he just kept coming, I kept kicking, my shoe flew off, and I was scared. I was able to grab a bucket an swing it at him and he backed up far enough into the run for me to slam the door on him and let him cool down a little. Honestly, I wanted to get the hoe and go smack the crud out of him. I hate that. We want some more chicks but after that, I think we'll get rid of the little rapist. I'll bet the hens will build a little statue of me in thanks. He's after them every minute of the day, lol. The soap opera that is rural living ;) Good night!


  1. I hope you post a photo soon of your scrap baskets in your sewing room! Your rooster story gave me a chuckle! We used to live the country and a neighbor gave us a Bani rooster - he was beautiful and friendly (as roosters go)...everything was great until another neighbor gave us Bani hens! He became so mean and I can't tell you how many times he chased us! I got so I had a stick that I carried to go outside. Can't believe we kept him for 2 years!

  2. LOL...I know! If I didn't want another clutch or two of chicks this spring, that little sucker would be next Sunday's dinner!