Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a pop-in with a pic...

I wanted to put up this quick pic of the fabric scrap baskets. I think I might have credited the tutorial incorrectly. I found it on, but here is the tutorial itself is from a blog called Still using my iPad, sorry for the bad quality. I made 7 all together. Red/pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo/Violet and, on the right hand side of the shelf above those, a Brown/Black/Multi-color bin.


  1. I want to make some! Very cute!

  2. TOOO CUTE!! Thanks for a great idea for my 1 1/2 in strips. :)

  3. That scrap organization is to die for!

    I read your comment on Stash Bee! It makes me laugh!!! It probably just means we have great style and taste:)

    I only joined Stash Bee and Beejeebers. In fact, I really thought I only joined one bee, but then somehow I was in two and very confused. I'm still confused how it happened, but I'm happy to be in both. That is too funny you are making the Block Party quilts, but again, as we both have amazing taste!