Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taking Quilting as a Second Language

I've never been one for New Years Resolutions. Mostly because I always fail at them. Then a few days ago a friend mentioned that the only way she could ever manage to keep a resolution was to tell everyone she knew what she was planning on doing. That way, she knew they would hold her accountable.

So that's what I'm doing with this blog. I want to sew more, quilt more, get involved with my local and online quilting communities. I think I'm ready. So this year I've signed up for 2 online bees (Stash Bee run by Sunni at Love Affair with my Brother, and BeeJeebers run by Melissa over at Happy Quilting, a project-a-month at I Have to Say, and 3 quilt alongs (one free motion quilting here, another FMQ, and the Craftsy block of the month class FREE here).

I'd also like to make this Scrappy Paintbox quilt, made by Elizabeth Hartment of Oh Fransson!

I've got one finish already,my January BeeJeebers quilt block for Jamie Lee

I don't expect that anyone but me will be reading this, at least not for awhile. But I am committed to posting to it, and to these few other things...
  1. Learning to take decent photos to add to my posts.
  2. Blogging about each of my ongoing projects throughout the year, making note of what I found to be helpful or difficult about each project.
  3. Inviting a few friends and family members who are also new to sewing/quilting to join me and have fun.
I'm going to learn Quilting as a Second Language :)


  1. Love it! Great title and I will be following along!

  2. Lisa...great post. I can't believe all that you've signed up for...that is great. I'm in the Stash Bee with you and I'll be following you. Where in GA do you live? I live in GA as well?

  3. One of your goals is kind of similar to mine--I want to connect with actual people either locally or online, hence the bees I joined. I am really hoping to meet some like-minded quilters around here, but the pickings seem sparse. I live in the heart of Amish country, and traditional quilting is pretty popular. You just have to walk into most of the local quilt shops to get a flavor. I started a page for a modern quilt guild in my area. But really I just want to be in one, not organize one. Wish me luck! And good luck with your husband would be imnpressed at your self restraint and coupon use:)