Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Status update...

Oh my gosh, these could not be turning out any better!!  Look at Almost Harry, Almost Ron and Almost Hermione!!!  They are 16" square, and will be pillows for my daughter's birthday Thursday.

All I have to do is a tiny bit of detail embroidery and sew the back on...I'm so happy with these.  Also put together a little signature block for February's Wonky Bee here

and finally, I finished my Pineapple blocks and the signature block for my February Stash Bee

That's it for the evening's progress - I'll be back tomorrow with the name of the Fugly Fabric winners!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I totally copied /stole/borrowed(?) the idea from a link my oldest daughter found online to this blog: . It looks to me like she used to have an etsy shop but doesn't any more. But man, I LOVE these pillows! The hardest part was piecing the scarves, and that wasn't even hard, it was just time consuming, lol

    2. Oops! I was wrong. She does still have a shop, it's at this address: